Hey there! My name is

Linus Bohman

I'm a Digital

I'm Linus, and I'm a digital creative.

I'm employed by IKEA - the famous flatpack furniture maker. I'm based in Malmö, Sweden, where I help maintain and develop one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world - IKEA.com. I'm part of the Framework & Performance team, which means it's my job to define and report greatness as well as maintain and evolve the technical architecture.

I know a lot of technical things but always focus on people and communication. In most projects I jump from doing user analysis to structuring data to building interfaces to figuring out business goals.*

I've been working with the web for more than ten years now. I'm proud to be a generalist rather than a specialist.

* My title is currently Senior Software Engineer, but since that's defined a bit differently depending on organization it might not mean that much.


I'm a Curious

I'm Linus, and I'm a LEGO builder.

I build LEGO models for myself and others and teach people to do the same.

Swooshable makes you a better LEGO builder. It collects LEGO data and houses tools and articles for builders. Brick Insights is a review aggregator for LEGO sets - like Metacritic, but for LEGO. More than 20 000 unique people visit these sites each month.

My own creations range from zany sci-fi to larger corporate mosaics. I do commissions for people and companies.