Hej! 👋
I'm Linus.
I make things.

I use code 💻️, LEGO 🧱, words ✏️, pictures 📷️, wood 🌲, and empathy 🥰 to create stuff. Let's make the world a bit more interesting.







If I would randomise how good I am, this is how good I would be.  🎲

Some projects I've made 💪

active code words 2024

You're a dad

I'm making my first computer game. It's a silly text based adventure built around my experience of becoming a dad for the first time. Released when it's done™️.

active lego 2024

More LEGO creations

In this feed I'm highlighting some of my favourite builds. There are more on Flickr. Want to see?

active other 2024


The Beer World Championship is an (almost) annual event where a bunch of lovely drunkards get together and blind taste beer. Established in 2011.

one-off code 2023


When building this site I just randomly started adding cats. People found them, commented, so I added more. Now there's a leaderboard.

one-off wood 2022

Pallet side table

one-off lego 2022

Robot Unicorn

one-off lego 2022


one-off wood 2022

Ceiling lamp

one-off lego 2021

Canoe Spaceship

one-off lego 2021

Mars Flytrap

archived other 2019

Studio 2.0

After the first studio was shut down, me and a few friends built a new one. My involvment only lasted for a year, but it was good fun with lessons learned.

archived other business 2019


I joined the web agency 040 as partner in 2012. It was a transformative experience. I got more confident coding, learned what it took to run a business, and found a home for our small team by merging it with another company.

one-off lego 2017


one-off lego 2017

Robot bust

archived code 2017

Brick Insights

A review aggregator for LEGO sets late 2017. I needed help knowing what sets to buy. It snowballed into a fairly complex system aggregating a lot of information. But the workload didn't scale. It ate up more and more of my time and money, and after essentially being dormant for two years - resulting in a deteriorating system - I decided to decommission the project in early 2023. It was not an easy decision to shut down one of my all time favourite projects, but enabled me to move on to newer things.

archived other 2016

Studio 1.0

Me and my brother built and maintained a creative studio between 2016-2018. A fantastic time, a fantastic space.

one-off lego 2015


one-off pictures 2015

Recreating childhood photos

For Christmas 2015 me and the siblings got together to recreate childhood photos as adults. It became an appreciated Christmas gift by our parents.

one-off lego 2015

Wordpress Logo

one-off lego 2015


archived pictures 2014

Linus learns to draw

Hell bent on developing some form of illustration skill, I drew and published a lot of crappy doodles.

archived words pictures 2014

Fake stories about real people

To practice storytelling I took portraits and wrote fake stories about them. One of my favourite projects.

archived words 2014

Reflections on losing 215 000 SEK when you're 27

After a relationship crumbled and a house was sold at a loss, I had to rebuild. This short summary had a surprising amount of reactions when I first wrote it.

archived code 2013

Legible CSS

An early experiment with typographic scaling on the web.

passive code 2013


Swooshable contains various online LEGO experiments focusing on making people better LEGO builders. There are few moving parts in the system, so it can stay running with fairly little maintenance.

archived code 2012

8-bit wedding

I created an 8-bit themed site to hand over photos for an 8-bit themed wedding.

archived words 2012

My uncle Hans

Losing a family member isn't easy. I wrote my reflections after a particular situation.

archived words 2011

Tråkiga frågor ger tråkiga svar

My first book! 12 boring questions with 12 better alternatives to stimulate better conversation.

archived pictures 2008

Toaster Run

A sequel to the highly successful "Toaster walk", Toaster run is a play with a touch more drama.

archived pictures 2008

Toaster Walk

A dramatic epic about a man on a walk with his toaster.

Works in progress and other small things 🤔


Working on the lighting in my studio. I've attached LED strips to the shelving system, and cut out some acrylic panels to diffuse the light. I'll attach the panels with magnets. To have them rest at the right distance from the wall I printed these spacers. The recess in them is for some metal.


I really want to take some pictures of this thing, but it doesn't fit my light tent. Time to pull out the big lights.


Found an old clock that didn't work, but it spoke to me. Cleaned it up, testing some stuff out - I think I can make a fun lego/wood wall art thing out of it.


Yep, it's going to be another spaceship.

Get in touch 🤙

Quickly now! I've only got of my life left.  😭

I use Flickr for most of my serious imagery. Instagram is for quick build updates. Github is where I store some of my code, and LinkedIn is for all you business types. I'm trying to get into the habit of using Mastodon. I've still got accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but try to minimise usage. There's also good old fashioned e-mail. If you really, really want to talk to me there's nothing wrong with a phone call. I'm available at+46 0736 504 195. Please sync with me in writing before calling.

To get a glimpse into what I'm up to right now you should check out my Now page and my Life todo list. If you've seen a cat on this site and want to know what that's all about, there's a page for that too. It's the Cats page.

In my day job I'm an engineering manager at IKEA, working on IKEA.com. That job, my projects, my family and life keeps me busy. This means I no longer do custom web work for clients unless it's really, really interesting. Please keep that in mind before reaching out.

Said about Linus 🤐

Linus has always been autistic. Wait, I mean artistic!
Johannes, best friend
Definitely marriage material.
Juliane, wife
Are you really handing in an artwork called Polar bear in snowstorm? You're pushing it now, Linus.
Una, high school arts teacher
My dad is the best.
Sam, son
He was the first of four kids. You're never right the first time, but at least we learnt a lot.
Kicki, mother
Who are you? Get out of my house!
Tom Cruise, actor