Meow! Cats!

When I made this site I added ASCII cats on a whim. Good fun! People got excited and started looking for them. Over time I've added more. If you're curious about where they're hidden, here's your solution.

A big thanks to the cat page on the ASCII Art Archive, where all of these cats come from. The cats on this page are not included in the search. They're a bonus.

           .'\   /`.
    ..._:   .-. .-.   :_...
  .'    '-.(o ) (o ).-'    `.
 :  _    _ _`~(_)~`_ _    _  :
:  /:   ' .-=_   _=-. `   ;\  :
:   :|-.._  '     `  _..-|:   :
 :   `:| |`:-:-.-:-:'| |:'   :
  `.   `.| | | | | | |.'   .'
    `.   `-:_| | |_:-'   .'
      `-._   ````    _.-'


As a promise to the person who found the first four cats and the two in the next batch, I created a leaderboard. Since I've added cats in installments, I'll note how many cats were available when they reported to me. This means some people (like Christian, being the cat dad he is) can be present multiple times.

Want to be on this list? Get in touch with me. You'll find some options on the start page. Don't forget to tell me how many cats you've found.

 /\  / o o \
//\\ \~(*)~/
`  \/   ^ /
   | \|| ||
   \ '|| ||

Where are they?

Are the cats eluding you? They do that. No shame in giving up. Peeking at the solutions will disqualify you from entering the leaderboard above. (I've no way to verify that you've found them on your own, but I trust you're a decent sort.)


  • You can access them all on the start page. No sub pages.
  • You'll find some by clicking around and looking at what you're presented.
  • Other cats require you to be more active.
Cat #1

This cat likes blue.

Cat #2

This cat needs plenty of space.

Cat #3

This cat enjoys small spaces.

Cat #4

This cat likes to look down from high places.

Cat #5

This cat likes to hide in - and beneath - boxes.

Cat #6

This cat is sleepy because it's been coding for so long.


Cat #1
  • Click on the "Adjust weirdness"-button in the lower right corner.
  • The cat is available in the sidebar that opens.
Cat #2
  • Make the browser window at least 1920px wide and 600px high.
  • This cat will pop up on the right hand side of the screen.
  • You can do this either by using a big screen or by zooming out.
Cat #3
  • Make the browser window smaller than 150px wide.
  • All content will be removed and this cat will be shown.
  • You can't make the browser window this small by default, so you need to either zoom in and then make the window smaller, or open the browser developer tools, attach it to the side of the window, and then resize the website area.
Cat #4
  • This cat lives in the <head> tag. This is a hidden tag carrying metadata about the page you're currently browsing.
  • You can see the cat by viewing the source. Right click -> View page source.
  • You can also open the "adjust weirdness"-sidebar and enable the option <head></head>. This makes the the <head> tag visible at the top of the page.
  • Fun fact: this is the only cat available on all pages, since I added it directly in the source.
Cat #5
  • Click on the "Adjust weirdness"-button in the lower right corner.
  • Select Totally real testimonials.
  • Beneath the testimonials on the bottom of the page is a lot of blank space.
  • Select that space with your cursor to make a cat visible.
  • My brother Dennis pointed out that this cat could be found by viewing source. I wanted to make it a bit harder to find, so now I'm injecting it with JS instead.
Cat #6