My work days are spent at a certain producer of flat furniture packages - IKEA. As senior software engineer working with fantastic people, I help build It requires immense scalability - super interesting and challenging!


In my spare time I construct LEGO models and teach others to do the same at Swooshable. The site has come a long way since its inception in 2010 - these days more than 20 000 visitors a month use it to become better LEGO builders.

Brick Insights

Finding the right LEGO set for you is hard. I built Brick Insights to help with that - it's Metacritic, for LEGO! The site collects reviews from a number of hand picked sources, maps them to the correct LEGO set, and generates useful statistics from it all. We're currently indexing more than 30 000 reviews.

LEGO builds

For fun, art and relaxation I build custom LEGO models. They range from weird sci-fi to company logos. I stash most of it on flickr - check it out!


I write every now and then - some was published in a blog here. Most of it is forgotten or never published, but these are important enough to me to keep around.

Other projects

I've done many projects over my life. Some good, others just fun. Here's a small selection of those that I like the most.