Post date 2012-08-29
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Beer is good. Beer is awesome. Beer cures cancer. This is common knowledge, but there is still a slight uncertainty as to which beer is the most awesomest one of all. OH NOES!

So me and Johannes decided to host the most epic event ever. We decided to host the World Championship of Beer 2012.

Yeah, you heard that right.

We assembled the eight finest beer tasters from all around the globe (whom, weirdly enough, all turned out to be close friends of ours). With these bright minds at our side we set out to taste 16 different beers and crown the champion. I don't want to spoil the result, but Great Britain unexpectedly won both first and second place.

The event was a huge success, the judges got plenty drunk, and the production value was through the roof. Dig in and enjoy the following memorabilia:

Rest assured Great Britain will have to defend its position in 2013. It will be one hell of a fight - I've been told the winner from 2011, France, is itching to retake the gold medal. Only one thing is certain: Johannes and I will be there to ensure the fight is fair. And drunken.