Post date 2010-11-29
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WordPress is an awesome platform in many ways. It enables people who don't know squat about web publishing to create sites that are easy to maintain! Awesome. One can even create great photo portfolios with the system... if you know how.

And there's the snag.

I couldn’t find decent info on how to create photography sites with WordPress, so I set out to create a great resource myself. It's an information project I work on in intervals, so I haven't actually designed this site myself - I'm just producing the information. You should check it out!

I'm doing three things right now:

  1. Gearing up to review a new bunch of themes and resources
  2. Finishing up the second part of WordPress for Photographers - this time focusing on handling your content and getting it out there
  3. Developing an easy to use WordPress theme to quickly set up a portfolio on WordPress. It's actually the theme you're looking at right now!