Where the hell is Matt?

Post date 2008-07-10
Category Writings

Matthew Harding is officially (it's true, it says so on wikipedia) an internet celebrity. Now, what separates him from all of the other quasi-famous people is that he's doing something interesting, not just stupid.

See, he is travelling all over the world, dancing in front of landmarks and the not so landmarky. The film I enjoy the most is his third:

I could talk about the video from a technical standpoint; noting the excellent timing with the music and how impressive it is to get such good quality from a simple handheld canon camera (if, indeed, his FAQ is still correct). But honestly, what shines through is the humanistic values. The technicalities are only a means to an end.

When a huge crowd runs in to dance with Matt, the video gives me goosebumps.  When he dances with a tribe in Papa New Guinea it makes me want to travel more. When he dances with cosplayers in Japan it makes me happy.

But first and foremost, the video makes the world feel small and friendly. It invites everyone to make the most out of life, and we need to be reminded of that every now and then.