Post date 2010-11-29
Category Digital

Imagine that you've built a wonderful spaceship out of LEGO. You hold it in your hand. The shape is super sleek, the weight just right. Without thinking you suddenly run around in your room, shouting VROOM, VROOOOOM! Your significant other runs towards the door, thinking something terrible has happened... and that's when you realise what you've done.

Embarrassing? Maybe. But you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Your spaceship has just passed the finest of LEGO tests: it is Swooshable. is my collection of quirky and useful LEGO applications that help adult LEGO fans enjoy the hobby even more. It has become quite popular, which is awesomely fun. There's a good story about the site on Brothers Brick. Now, go visit the greatest collection of LEGO tools on the web!