Social Guerrilla bloggin’

Post date 2009-03-25
Category Writings

Noticing that a lot of people have odd concepts regarding communication and people interaction, me and two collegues partnered up to start a new blog. To highlight the dual nature we noticed in many people, while at the same time playing with the two rather hyped communicational concepts Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing, we quickly named it Sociala Gerillan - Swedish for the Social Guerrilla.

Together we set up a custom website, and quickly found a small but interested audience. Sociala Gerillan is an ongoing experiment; at the same time as we are developing our writing skills and finding our tone of voice, we produce small web-based applications and information collections pertaining to the subject. The future hold plans to evolve the site into a local networking platform.

Note late 2010: the blog project is dead. All that remains of the blog project is the screenshot. It was fun while it lasted!