Post date 2007-11-29
Category Lego

Have you heard of legends new?
A frightening warrior, of the ninja clan.
In the swiftest ship, his aim is true -
all combatants dead, or ran.

So remember when in battle you meet;
to him, enemies are but roaches!
To be crushed beneath steel-clad feet -
farewell. The Reaper... approaches.

This is the Shin-nyu. It is a space ninja ship, designed to stealthily infiltrate enemy territory, strike a blow where it'll hurt and then quickly get away. It is piloted by Danzou, who has inofficially been dubbed "the Reaper" due the similiarities of his close-combat weapon of choice and a schythe.

The name means infiltrate in japanese. Big thanks to Andrew Becraft (aka Dunechaser) and his language skills for all the help with it! I liked this little craft so much I even made a (crummy) set of Shin-nyu instructions.