Reviewing 2010

Post date 2010-12-27
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It's December. Another year has gone by. When I was younger I always did a yearly summary to look back at. And now it's time to do again. Life spins faster and faster, and more awesome stuff than ever is happening. Woohoo!

This post is probably more interesting for me than it is for you, but if you want to know what I've been up to the past year it's a good summary.

Working life

Much of the year was spent at Good Old. The things I did there are sort of a hard to chronologically place blur, but I was involved in fine tuning the new SBM site and two of their international tests, keeping Malmotown awesome, the further development of Plan, the post-launch efforts of Gleerups new site, keeping the Handball 2011 site running and much more. Good Old disbanded its Stockholm office, but received several new employees in Malmö. I was also the bottom left hand in this fun recruitment video:

After having thought real hard about it I decided to leave Good Old in September to focus on my own projects. Some times were rough - almost exclusively because we had so much to do at times we couldn't keep up - but in the end I've almost only got positive memories. I worked at Good Old for two years. Leaving was the right thing to do, but I really miss having daily contact with the awesome people there.

After leaving Good Old I freelanced a bit to cover the bills. I did some small work for MacMeckarna, Lite Kalabalik, Malmö Turism and others. In December I decided to accept an offer from IKEA to help them with their intranet for six months... only to receive a call the first working day offering me an interview at a very cool (and for now secret) company. It complicated things, but the people at IKEA are a super nice bunch of people. They let me go to the interview and continue working with them until I knew if I got the job or not.

The interview was postponed three times due to weather and illness. It's time to do it next week. Looking forward to it!


In March I started Swooshable, a collection of small apps and projects for serious LEGO hobbyists. I began with the silly Fadmasher, which generated a fair bit of buzz when it was featured by my old Brothers Brick teammates. Swooshable got a decent audience when I released LEGO Building School, and got a very generous interview by the same blog. Lots of fun.

Since then I've been releasing new apps about every other month. Besides the previously mentioned two we've got Amazon Dealfinder, LEGO Builder's guide to flickr, Flickr Buzz, InstaCrit, Swooshable World and the Minifig Scaler. 2011 will bring Swooshable's first iPhone app, more awesome tools and hopefully give the site a solid financial ground.

The only downside about spending so much time on developing the sites is that it cut into my building time. I only cranked out five models this year: Darwinian Selection, Eddie & Freddie and three nerdy cool sculptures I gave my siblings for Christmas. Pictures will come soon.

In the beginning of the year I put together to understand what it's like to run content driven websites. A successful experiment I think, but the project was quickly put on the backburner when Swooshable took off. I also kickstarted and dropkicked We Create Photos with my brother - we simply didn't have the time to take photos of the quality we wanted. In the end, we only ever got around to creating one photo.

Magician - the only

Sadly, it was also one of the few serious pictures I took this year. Photography was definitely not prioritized.

Fonk evolved into a creative network with monthly meetings for people to get together and chat. The team is planning to organize the meetings a bit better in order to make them even more interesting and get better attendance - I'll definitely talk more about this in the upcoming year. Johannes and I also finally finished our short book Tråkiga frågor ger tråkiga svar, meaning Boring questions give boring answers.

Other stuff

Susanna and I celebrated our third year together. She's still insanely awesome. We're now looking at houses and stuff, and it feels pretty good.

Johannes and Elin broke up and got together again, which affected our living situation since we all lived together in a huge apartment in central Malmö. During the breakup Elin bought her own apartment, and moved there despite getting back together with Johannes.

Did some light travelling. I went to Greece with Sus in August, which was very nice. We biked around Bornholm since I had never done that, despite coming from Ystad. I also enjoyed a couple of neat days in Amsterdam with my best friends. The Heineken Experience is one heck of an over the top marketing ploy.

Also, Starcraft 2 was released which sort of rekindled my gaming spirit. It's a perfect blend of nostalgia and new awesomeness. I enjoy it a few hours each month with friends, which I haven't done since I was, like, 17. Only then it was a few hours each day.


A good year when it comes to producing fun stuff. I gained a lot of confidence in my skills. To make random estimations, I'd easily say I'm among the top 20% front end developers in the industry, and definitely among the top 15% producing communicators. The skills I've been working hard at the past years have begun paying off. This bodes pretty well for the future, regardless of interviews.

Also, life seems like it's going to be awesomely fun the next year. Cool trips planned, further freelance work and more time with Susanna. I'm going to get better at spending time with my friends. I miss a few that I haven't seen in a long time.

All in all, great stuff.