Open workshops - for goodness!

Post date 2010-08-25
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I do a lot of stuff. I work my normal job during the days, and evenings and weekends I deal with a lot of private projects: web sites, photos, LEGO and much more. I noticed that I'm not alone doing this - I've got many bright people around me who do the same, because we like creating awesome stuff. And yet we often work alone.

Oooh. Opening.

So I've decided to hold an open workshop every last thursday in the month! Here's what we'll do:

It's as simple as that! So far we've had people build web sites, write manifestos, create presentations for their work, sew clothes, build LEGO, and much more. Sometimes it's just me, sometimes we're more - but it's a great way to get stuff done in a social way.

I live here:

We usually start at around 19:00 - 20:00. If you want to receive e-mails when we hold these events you can sign up below. Welcome!