I hereby declare October 31 as do-something-nice-day

Post date 2009-10-19

mom, dad, bro's & sis, Sus, friends,

I want you to celebrate my birthday by doing nice stuff for everyone else.

Birthdays are  generally awesome. Mine is October 31. This year I'll be 25.

Now I don't know if I'm getting old or something, but celebrating my birthday doesn't have the same spark anymore. That's why I want to do something different this year. Instead of you doing nice things for me, I want you to do nice stuff for people everywhere. See, I live a great life: I've got all of you for a start. And a job I really like. And so many fun projects up my sleeve that I can't choose between them. I certainly don't need much more material stuff.

That's why I want you to do nice stuff for everyone else around you. I've been bugged about how many of us just rush through life and forget to appreciate each other. So instead of giving your attention to me, please give it to someone else. To someone who doesn't expect it. It doesn't have to be big - a hand-picked flower or home made brownies will do.

You'll probably make his or her day.

(If you really want to give me something, write me a letter - by hand - describing what you did and how he or she reacted to it. Send it to:

  • Linus Bohman
  • Höstgatan 31
  • 212 17 Malmö, Sweden

And if you happened to stumble upon this post and want to help me make October 31 do-something-nice-day, I hope you do someone glad and send me a letter the same. I'd love to know what difference you made to another person.)