Jan Svankmajer

Post date 2008-06-07
Category Writings

I recently stumbled upon the works of Jan Svankmajer - famous czech surrealist, animator, filmmaker and inventive artist. His work might not have become pop culture, but it should've. At least it took its place in the art world.

The first piece I saw was Meat Love, a heartwarming tale of two pieces of meat that fall in love. Or at least fornicate like only meat can. Reminds me of your regular night at many night clubs. Especially student pubs.

But it wasn't until I saw Dimensions of Dialogue (part one and two on the 'tube and below) that I was blown away. This short film comprises of three sections. The first show Arcimboldo-like heads grinding each other into pieces until they're all alike; the second two clay sculptures losing themselves in each other sensually before destroying themselves; the third two heads combining various things. All three parts have interesting messages. Well worth a look, along with most of Svankmajer's other work.