Post date 2008-06-17
Category Writings

Today I'm going to plug one of the books that got me really hooked on creative communication.

Yellow, shiny and nicely designed, Guerrilla Advertising: Unconventional Brand Communication by Gavin Lucas is a great book for those new to the phenomenon or just want to see a few best ofs. To bring you up to speed real quick: at heart, guerrilla advertising is about making a big impact with small economic means by using creativity and time as your main resources. (More info: Yay Wikipedia!)

Page after page is littered with creative thinking. Some are bordering on street art, others are more of a performance. Many of them are brilliant, like the lovely Vertical soccer by Adidas:

Yet the thing I like the most is that none of the campaigns featured are of the sleazy undercover variant that's become so prominent these days. When you go undercover and deceive people you're missing one thing: you're lying to the people that matters most to you. Y'know, what you should do is create experiences and get the crowd talking about you because of that experience. Where does lying get into that equation?

A good example of buzz-generating with the wrong idea: all the videos designed to go viral that have "anonymous" creators. Like Ray Ban's video of guys catching glasses. Yep, it wasn't some dudes trying to make a cool video by playing with editing - it was a company that wanted attention. It was fun the first time, but gets old quickly.

Ethics. It's hard and boring, but ever so rewarding when done right. This book is full of good examples of creative and ethical communication.