Good Old: Engineerin' happiness

Post date 2009-03-11
Category Writings

I was previously employed as a technical project manager at Good Old. Good Old is a strategic web agency in Malmö, Sweden. As a strategic web agency, we helped companies with their web dealings: how should one use the internet? Do you use the medium's strength and actually talk to your customers? Do you cut through the noise? If not - what should you do instead?

Good Old does everything from strategy to production and inbetween. My main focus was making sure that the customers we'd finished developing for were happy and up and running. I was also responsible for planning our production and even developed sites once in a while.

The job had me use a great deal of everything I know and love: my people- and communication skills, my more specific craft skills within web development, graphic design and photography, as well as my strategic knowledge to give relatively sound advice. It's cliché, I know... but every day presented new challenges.

Automattic, the company behind Wordpress, call their support people Happiness Engineers. There's really no better description for it.