Easy Peasy Portfolio

Post date 2011-02-16
Category Digital

Like the look of (the old) linusbohman.se? You can have it too! This site was built on WordPress, and the look is a theme. I've decided to release it Open Source in a lovely little meta bundle.

The theme is named Easy Peasy Portfolio. I built it with people like me in mind: love creating stuff, but hate tedious updating of websites. It attempts to streamline your workflow in several ways:

Now, there's a lot to do still. The theme is only in its alpha version. That means it works (hey, look at this site!), but there are a few bugs, the code isn't optimized, and a few features aren't fully implemented. Working on it, promise. Two awesome photographers are already using it - Karina Szuter and Dennis Bohman. Check out their work - they're both really, really good.

If you want to be awesome like them you can download the alpha version of Easy Peasy Portfolio on GitHub. Have at it!