Dressed to get thrown out of the restaurant: a must for all creatives

Post date 2008-01-11
Category Writings

The first Theme magazine of the year hit my mailbox today. As I flicked through the pages of fresh, inspiring tales of young creative people from Asia, I notice that most of the featured ones in it seem to stand out from the crowd. They dress differently. It seems their need to express themselves takes them away from their medium of choice and unto themselves - they become their own canvases.

I consider myself a creative guy. I've got an eye for design and art, I like words and they like me back, and learning new things and pushing boundaries is essentially my hobby. So I decided to do a small case study on myself.

My big love: random accessories. I can't get enough of bling-blings, bracers and whatnot to pimp my outfits with. Now, I'm moving to a new apartment soon, so I threw away some of the stuff I've gotten tired of and had worn out. This is what I kept - I use it all.

It was way more than I expected - seems I've accumulated a nice little collection over the years. I don't wear it all at the same time, though. To the right are various pictures from my flickr where you can see how I use some accessories, though none show the more extreme variety I sometimes do.