Post date 2010-02-15
Category Lego

It had been many, many years. Neither the Darwinists nor the Creationists could remember for how many generations they had fought, but they both knew that this was their final battle. Their last stand was to be made on this field.

The Creationists had created a machine to give them the advantage, but not everyone in their camp was in on it. It looked pretty ugly for one thing, but beyond the exterior everyone knew that it contained too much power for humans to wield.

The internal Creationist conflict excalated, so when the last stand was to be made those who didn't liked the machine was put on the frontline. The Weapon was hidden in the forest, along with those who took initiative to build it.

But fate struck that day. An apple fell onto the machine's main power core, a highly exposed ring, resulting in a blast that exterminated all who were near. Only those who didn't believe it was a good idea at first and thus were placed at the front, survived. Awestruck by the irony, they quickly concluded that perhaps 'Survival of the fittest' was the best way to explain things and threw down their weapons.

Curiously enough the Darwinists in the other camp saw this as a red ray of light striking down from the heavens. Not being able to explain the phenomenon in a satisfying way, they in turn concluded that this must have been an act of God and threw down their weapons.

That night the remaining people in both camps had a good meal, a heart-to-heart chat and decided to enjoy life instead of bickering so much. A decade later no one remembers the original name of the machine, but it's been known as 'Darwinian Selection' ever since.