Post date 2010-11-29
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It's Christmas soon! Santa Claus may not exist - but you can do good stuff in his stead! I thought I'd share a neat little Christmas story from last year as inspiration.

When I was a kid we had the loveliest Christmas tradition. Mom and Dad created a huge calendar, and we got a present every day leading up to Christmas eve! The gifts weren't expensive or advanced, but man - the excitement! The fun!

So me and a few friends decided it was time to rejuvenate this tradition by Christmas 2009. Kajsa Stina (who is an excellent seamstress and designer) created three calendars, and we filled each of them with presents. One had pieces of a puzzle in the presents, and two had pieces of a LEGO model.

We gave them away to a cafe in Malmö, a school in Ystad and a cafe in Lund.

The response was fantastic. Grannen, the Malmö cafe, hung it on their door and many customers loved it. The school sent us lovely pictures of the LEGO model on 23rd and 24th, together with stories of how much they liked opening the gifts. Awesome.

Ariman, the cafe in Lund, was the only place that didn't seem to like the idea. They hesitantly accepted the calendar, but we never saw nor heard from it again. Doesn't matter though - 2 hits out of 3 is a great response.

So, how can you be your friendly neighborhood Santa Claus? We get the world we create, you know.