I'm a man with many skills.

There was a time when I thought I had to be one thing, and one thing only. Grow up, get an education, get a job, get a haircut. I'm glad I found a different way. See, I have many jobs. Developer. Designer. Project manager. I'm a photographer when I have to, and even make some money building LEGO. Not to mention friend, fiancé, amateur scuba diver, weight lifter, hand stand-er and all those other things you want to be outside of work.

Turns out you don't have to choose to be one thing. But I still get haircuts.

Get in touch!

I use Flickr for most of my serious imagery, with Instagram as a nice little inbetweener. Facebook and Twitter is for communication, Github is where I store some of my code, and LinkedIn is for all you serious types. If you really, really want to talk to me there's nothing wrong with an old fashioned phone call. I'm available at +46 736 504 195.

Got a serious web project you want to talk to me about? Then contact my agency 040. We'd love to help you.

1 Lovely fiancée
Her name is Jennifer. I call her pantsless because she doesn't like pants and remove them as soon as she comes home.
4.5 years of university studies
I've got a bachelor in Swedish linguistics and two years of psychology, communication and English.
25 years of LEGO building
I started when I was 4 and took a break between 13 and 19.
300+ consulting clients, large and small
My agency is 040. Before that I was freelance and at Good Old.
Right handed and both brained
I'm a designer, developer and manager. I love to create and organize.
40 000+ page views per month at Swooshable
My pet project since 2010, Swooshable makes you a better LEGO builder.